Mainframe Modernization

At Jubilant we have extensive experience in managing Heritage Modernisation and Migration transitions, using a combination of experienced, modernisation and migration specific, based best practice coupled to a number of modernisation and migration specific tools that can enable a more manageable and seamless transition.

Host Modernization and Migration projects are notoriously high risk in nature. With countless examples of projects than have costed hundreds of millions either failing or failing to deliver the desired outcome.There are a number of factors that generally drive a modernization or migration strategy, traditionally these have been the contracting resource base in terms of both people and technology or a perception that agility is hampered with heritage technology. More recently it has become the emergence of Cloud and Mobile or the drive for economies of scale driven by centralisation and virtualisation.At Jubilant our business has been built on companies looking for ways to take their heritage technologies in different directions, we were the first company to provide web browser based access for green screen systems and we have been doing it for 20 years. In that time we have helped 100’s of companies from Fortune 1000 and FT100 to SME and other technology providers either drive more value from their Heritage technology or provide a low risk way to move in another direction.For companies examining a migration or modernization path there are a number of strategies that aren’t always transparent, by spending a small amount of time with people that have successfully conducted countless Modernization and Migration projects you could save your company time, money and potentially avoid disaster. A typical workshop will consider:

  • Drivers for change
    • Existing Needs
    • Desired Agility
    • Future Proofing
  • De-Risking a Modernization/Migration Project
    • Managing Unknowns
      • Cost
      • Time
      • Expectation
    • Scope Boundary Analysis
    • Too big and Too critical to get wrong
  • Desired Outcomes
    • Functional Equivalence
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Hybridisation

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