Flynet’s terminal emulator provides Volvo dealers with a web-based order management system.

When Volvo Construction Equipment needed to improve dealers' access to its order management systems. Volvo CE chose Flynet’s terminal emulator to implement a new browser-based interface to the existing AS400 / iSeries -based applications. The project originally began as an urgent 'quick fix' needed in the company's European Region, but following rapid uptake amongst the dealers, the project soon grew into a global access solution.

After our first positive experience with Flynet’s terminal emulator we returned for another solution. The multi-part look-up facility in the earlier version of the system has proven so useful that we had dealers request that we build the same functionality into the high priority ordering process. An ability to lookup and order multiple parts in one step would save our dealers more time. Larry Fultz, E-commerce Project Manager - Volvo Construction Equipment North America

Now an additional new multi-part ordering module has enabled dealers to place priority orders for multiple parts through the same intuitive interface, saving time by-passing a repetitive entry process.

The team used Flynet’s terminal emulator UX Modernization to convert the underlying application's 'green screens' into intuitive contemporary web pages which dealers can access using a standard web browser and internet connection. The solution has no impact whatsoever on underlying AS400 / iSeries application, which continues to deliver value and increase ROI. The cost and time involved in implementing the new solution has been minimal.