Web Based 5250 Terminal Emulator

5250 Emulator

5250 emulator for IBM i / iSeries / As400 and other applications which communicate using the 5250 protocol. 

Jubilant Terminal Emulator is a pure HTML 5250 / tn5250 emulator that allows your users to access applications that use the 5250 protocol on any device, from any browser without installing any software on the device.

Jubilant Terminal Emulator Benefits

  • Zero client- No applets, plugins or installs
  • Centralized administration and maintenance
  • Works on any device, using any browser (including legacy browsers which don’t support HTML5)
  • Total Security- Supports WebSockets, latest SSL/TLS and KPMG Penetration tested
  • Fast- Extremely performant, surpassing even desktop emulators
  • Data light
  • Cloud, data center or locally hosted (can run on MS Azure and in Oracle Cloud)
  • Macro Wizards – Common server and client tasks reduced to a key press
  • Custom UIs - Increase accessibility
  • Fully programmable - documented API
  • Full MS Office and Office 365 integration
  • Easily extendible with automatic web service generation and UI modernization options

Flynet offer a fully supported, free 30-day evaluation of the Jubilant Terminal Emulator.