About Jubilant

The Jubilant™ Software range of leading mainframe software products is brought to you exclusively by Flynet Limited. Since 1995 Flynet Limited have been building some of the industries most sophisticated trusted and secure web based solutions for Mainframe, iSeries, Unix, VAX and MultiValue systems. The multi award winning Jubilant Software family is used by companies like DHL, BMW, HP, Vodafone and Tesco to connect to and administer their host system environments.

The Jubilant suite of enterprise applications are ready with a solution pathway that deals with today, reengineers tomorrow and has the depth and strength of capability to help you realise the future vision of your business. We call this Enable, Enhance and Evolve:

  • Enable: Jubilant Terminal Emulation provides instant web based terminal access to key business systems on any device with zero client software installation. All centrally managed via the Jubilant Terminal Emulator administration centre, similarly this can be managed by all of the mainstream virtualisation technologies.
  • Enhance: Jubilant UX Modernization allows you to reshape how you interact with your host system and core business data. It gives you the freedom to adapt and evolve business processes, quickly realising new efficiencies and gaining instant ROI and tactical advantages that are simply not available elsewhere, what’s more this can be done by a super user.
  • Evolve: Jubilant WS Web Services Generator  transforms your host environment into a dynamic component of your business systems interface layer. Normally confined to the transaction layer of the enterprise, these new tools will unleash your investment in your host system to freely interact with and feed third party business systems, increasing the availability, timeliness and integrity of key business data.

Jubilant is based in the UK and the US and has a growing partner and channel network that covers the globe.